Donate Clothing and Household Goods to Veterans!

It’s the end of our first holiday in the Christmas season and like many, we are a little exhausted after four days of traveling, preparation, cooking, cleaning, visiting with family and friends.  Going through my much-neglected mail that came in over the weekend, I have a big post card from the United War Veterans Council (  This is wonderful!  This is a terrific way to impact a veteran who needs a helping hand.  Donate clothing, accessories, shoes, bedding, household furnishings, toys, games, bikes, televisions and tools of all kinds.  You can call them and they will come pick up.

I’m going to do some gathering of things around here, get my kids to donate some of their toys which have been collecting dust the last year and do it!

You can call 888-821-UWVC (8982) or go to their website: and they will be glad to help.

There are other organizations that also function as direct goods donations to veterans:

It is the season for giving, sharing, helping someone less fortunate!  God Bless our troops!



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